FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Machine & Accessories

What shall I do in order to be an Enagic distributor?
If you click on the box for Distributor Agreement during checkout for a machine or Ukon Sigma/DD order, it will prompt you to enter the required information to become a Distributor (such as SSN, DL#, and DOB). Please note additional documents (copies of IRS SS4 letter & Articles of Incorporation/Organization) will be needed to be submitted later for business entities to be an Enagic Distributor.
How do I identify which types of cartridge filter is suitable for my Leveluk SD 501/SD 501-PT/JR IV machine/etc.?
Generally, the HG filter is for machines purchased before year 2011, whereas the HG-N filter is for machines purchased after year 2011. Super 501 and SD501U, however, will generally use the HG filter no matter the year of purchase.

Of course there are exceptions, which is why recommend looking at the current filter inside your machine to confirm. If your current filter has "MW7000-HG" on it, you will need the HG filter. If it has "HG-N" on it, you will need the HG-N filter.

Leveluk K8 will only accept the F8 filter.
What is the lifespan of the cartridge filter?
It should be replaced every 6 months (approx. 1500 gallons) though it will vary depending on usage and water quality.
Why is the appliance leaking?
It is most likely that the ring (stopper) on the cartridge came off during transportation, or that you have forgotten to take off the O-ring1 when replacing the cartridge. It is highly unlikely that the leaking has been caused by a mechanical fault in the appliance. Please refer to instruction manual and contact us if you need further assistance.
1O-ring - Small, round rubber gasket that prevents leakage when connecting the various pipes to the appliance.
How do you use the reset switch?
For the Leveluk SD501/SD501 Platinum/DXII/JR Series:

There is a square switch situated under the black cover on the front-left of the appliance. Please make sure to push this button (it should make a beeping sound) when you first set up the LeveLuk or when replacing the filter. This allows for the correct display on the monitor (liquid crystal display) of all the information stored in the LeveLuk microcomputer. This reset button must be pushed in order for information to be displayed on the LCD screen. It notifies the user when there is too much or too little water, sets off an alarm when heated water passes through by mistake, and informs you to monitor the water flow. By using the reset switch correctly on the LeveLuk, you ensure the delivery of safe and healthy water.

K8 does not have a reset button. Reset is done automatically after a new filter is installed.
Sunus’s reset button is to the right of the knob underneath the filter.
Leveluk R’s reset button is oval and underneath the Mode and Power buttons. It is visible after removing the front filter cover.
SD501U’s reset button is on the control panel. A pen or other small, long object may be needed to reach the button.
What if there's no cartridge replacement notice even after a year?
The display screen on the LeveLuk will notify you when the total volume of water produced reaches 1,500 gallons. The microcomputer controls this notification mechanism, so please make sure to press the reset switch to activate the microcomputer when you put in a new filter. See Q&A above for where reset button is located. Please press reset button until it beeps. The microcomputer controls other information for the LeveLuk as well, which is why it is critical to remember to press the reset button.
  1. note: *Please visit below FAQ pages for more Questions and Answers.
  2. https://www.enagic.com/?c=water-faq
  3. https://app.enagicwebsystem.com/backoffice.php#section=page/page=enagic_distributor_faq

Payment & Processing

Can I order without an account on Enagic website?
No. You must sign up for an account before placing an order. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account during checkout.
What are the payment methods available?
We accept the following payment options:
  1. Online payment - Credit/Debit card
  2. Offline payment -
  1. Cash (paid in person at Enagic office only)
  2. Money Order or Cashiers Check (mailed or brought to Enagic office)
  3. Personal Check (mailed or brought to Enagic office. Please note a credit card number will be required as a back up. Otherwise, shipment of machine will be held for 3 weeks after we deposit the check).
For more details, please contact our Customer Support at (310)-542-7700 or (866)-261-9500.
Which credit cards are accepted for payment?
Enagic accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards (both Credit and Debit). All your credit card information will be encrypted and secure. Please note only cards with a US billing address will be accepted.
When will I receive my order?
For Machine/New Ukon Sigma/DD orders-
After you have successfully placed your order and made payment, Enagic will review the order and process. Once processed, we will ship out your order the following business day.

For Supply orders, please allow up to 7-10 business days for your order to ship once you have successfully placed your order and made payment.

FedEx will email you the tracking number once it is available. You can track your package at https://www.fedex.com/en-us/home.html.
Please note Fedex transit time information is subject to change without notice.

*Track your shipment using the tracking number provided.
If more than 20 DAYS have elapsed since your purchase date, contact Enagic USA IMMEDIATELY by emailing support@enagic.com or by calling (424) 307-0005 during normal business hours.
Enagic USA will not be responsible for any claims after 30 DAYS from the confirmed delivery date.
I received an incomplete order, what should I do?
Please contact us immediately at (310)-542-7700, support@enagic.com, or by chat, and we will investigate the matter for you right away.
Can I prearrange the date I want to get the delivery?
We regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate scheduling of deliveries. However, you may contact FedEx to request to hold the package for pick up from one of their locations if that will be more convenient. You will need the tracking number when you contact FedEx.
Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?
FedEx delivers to residential addresses Tuesday-Saturday and to business addresses Monday-Friday. Deliveries are not made on Sundays or holidays.
I just received an email saying that my item has been shipped. When will I receive my order?
It may take up to 24 hours for the tracking number to show on FedEx's website.

For Supply orders, please note tracking number is created in advance before the order actually ships. Therefore, the tracking number will show as Pending until it ships out, at which point the tracking number gets updated. You may sign up for notifications from FedEx or keep checking the tracking number for updates.
How can I know the exact date and time of the delivery?
We are unable to provide you with an exact time and date of delivery. Delivery times are influenced by product availability, your shipping destination and the courier partner's time-to-deliver in your location. As FedEx may experience unforseen circumstances affecting shipment (e.g. unsafe weather conditions), delivery dates are not guaranteed.
Can I cancel my order afterwards?
Please contact us immediately at (310)-542-7700 or by chat. Depending on when you contact us, it may be too late to cancel the order before it ships out.
Can I change items in my order after the order has been processed?
Unfortunately once an order has been processed, no changes can be made.
If it is early enough to cancel the order, please contact us immediately at (310)-542-7700 or by chat. You can place a new order after the first order gets cancelled.
I received the wrong item, what should I do?
If the item you received is not what you originally ordered, we are happy to exchange the item for you. Please notify us immediately at (310)-542-7700, support@enagic.com, or by chat. To ensure prompt return resolution, please pack the item in its original package and include copy of invoice in the box.
I received a damaged/defective item, what should I do?
We apologize that your order was not received in its rightful condition. We understand your frustration concerning the state of your order upon its arrival. Enagic USA Inc. makes every effort to adequately pack your shipments to ensure the protection of the contents of your shipment.
Please contact Customer Support at (310)-542-7700, support@enagic.com, or by chat for assistance with your damaged order.
What do I do when the payment does not go through?
Please call the number on the back of your credit card and resolve the issue with your card company. Once resolved, please try to place order again. Please also check that the card number, expiration date, CVV number, and billing address entered are correct.
Do I have to provide my SSN?
You will need to provide your social security number if you want to be a Distributor or finance your machine/ukon. To make a single payment as a User, it will not be required.
Can you ship my order to a PO Box?
No, a physical address is required as the shipping address. You may, however, use a PO Box address for your mailing address.
Some orders shipped in the Hawaii sales region may be able to use a PO Box for shipment.
How will I receive my new Distributor ID number?
It will be emailed to you after your new machine/Ukon DD/Sigma order has been registered.
Is there interest for financing a machine with Enagic?
There is no interest, but there is $10 per month Installment Fee (aka Handling Fee) for financing. For example, for the 10 month plan, the Installment/Handling Fee will be $100. The Installment/Handling Fee is paid as part of the Total Down Payment and it does NOT apply towards the balance of the machine (sales tax and shipping fee also paid as part of the Total Down Payment do not apply towards the balance of machine).

Please note $20 Late Fee will be applied for each missed monthly payment, so be sure to make sure you contact Enagic promptly when you need to update your card number.
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